•  District Career/Cyber (FACE) Coordinator

     Kayla Martin - career exploration and planning K-12  martink@fairfield.k12.pa.us , 717-642-2034

    • Implementation of PDE Career Readiness Standards
    • Coordination of the district cyber program (FACE)

      College Representatives / Military Recruiters

    Many representatives from colleges, universities, tech school, trade schools, and military recruiters visit the high school throughout the year. Some do presentations in classrooms with permission from the classroom teacher.  Some have informational meetings in the Counseling Office — students must sign up ahead of time for a pass. Some set up tables at lunch so students can ask questions without missing class time. Please read the morning announcements daily to see who may be coming in next!


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    PA Chamber Foundation Information

    As students contemplate important questions, we encourage you to direct them to Start the Conversation Here, the PA Chamber Foundation’s workforce-focused website designed specifically for Pennsylvania middle and high school students, and their parents. 

    The tools and information available on the Start the Conversation Here website are FREE and designed to help students make informed decisions that lead to future success.  On the site, you will find an array of valuable information 

    ·   Insight into the 33 most in-demand careers available in Pennsylvania

    ·   A career calculator designed to help students and parents understand the financial implications of their desired career path – from expected entry level salaries and estimated college expenses to the length of time it will take to be debt-free following their educational investment. 

     ·   Details on work ethic scholarships that are available to Pennsylvania students entering into the skilled trades.