All you need is a plan!
    Pennsylvania offers two great ways to get started with the PA529 College Savings Program.
    • The PA 529 Guaranteed Savings Plan offers a simple, lower-risk way to help keep pace with rising college tuition costs.
    • The PA 529 Investment Plan offers financial options provided by The Vanguard Group. 
    Visit their website at www.pa529.com for more information.
    There are also brochures available in the Counseling Office.
    Each grade level will receive information about resources for helping them with their post-secondary planning. 

    College Representatives / Military Recruiters

    Many representatives from colleges, universities, tech school, trade schools, and military recruiters visit the high school throughout the year. Some do presentations in classrooms with permission from the classroom teacher.  Some have informational meetings in the Counseling Office — students must sign up ahead of time for a pass. Some set up tables at lunch so students can ask questions without missing class time. Please read the morning announcements daily to see who may be coming in next!


    Timeline for College Planning

    Click on the links below to access the College Board's timeline pages.  Very helpful in organizing what you need to be doing when!

    SENIORS:  http://www.collegeboard.com/student/plan/action/seniors.html  Keep in mind that even after you've accepted an offer from a college, the college or university may still revoke their offer if your grades or attendance slip...or if you change your spring schedule from difficult to easy classes.  It does happen!
    It is important that your course work matches your goals.  If you are planning to major in...engineering, for instance....you should be taking the highest math and science classes you can!  Prepare yourself now for what you want colleges to see next year.  Extra-curriculars and leadership examples are very important, too.  You need to be well-rounded to be competitive.

    Consumer Reports offers this free guide:  Find the Best Colleges for You: Focus on the information that matters.  Download the guide here: Consumer Report College Guide    Use this comparison worksheet to narrow down your choices:   Comparison Worksheet
    Mrs. Harvey is happy to sit down with parents and students together to go over the college application process in detail!  Call Mrs. Balogh at 717-642-2034 for an appointment.
    SOPHOMORES:  http://www.collegeboard.com/student/plan/action/sophomores.html   You will have options next year if you plan for them this year.  Options such as Honors English and Tech Prep start in your junior year. In order to qualify, you must have the required prerequisites.  See Dr. Swope for more details.  She is happy to sit down with parents and students to discuss how to best plan classes for the next 2 years in order to meet student career goals. Call Mrs. Balogh at 717-642-2034 for an appointment.
    High school is a time to explore who you are and where you want to be after graduation.  Consider options, explore information, and seek out resources to help.  The most common comment from Fairfield seniors as they prepare for graduation is that they wish they had worked harder in 9th grade so that they could be proud of what they accomplished right from the beginning.  Don't let that be you in a few years.  If you are having trouble getting the "hang" of high school, make an appointment to meet with Mrs. Harvey.