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    While this mama penguin makes it look easy, the job of parenting is hard work. Oftentimes, we need the advice of professionals to guide us along the way. Below are some web resources that I have found helpful. As always, please feel free to contact the counseling office for any reason throughout the school year.



    Access to Health Care for Children



    Guide to Connecting Kids to Mental Health Care

    Link: Care Solace

    Link: Connect to Care


    Community Resource Guide for Adams County

    A list of community resources, including listings for child care, food pantry, financial assistance, health services, housing, etc.

    Link: Community Resources


    Pennsylvania and Local Government Services

    Link: Local Resources



    Virtual Parenting Classes with

    Cook Center for Human Connection

    The Cook Center for Human Connection is a non-profit foundation.  The mission at the Cook Center (cookcenter.org) is to get high quality resources in everyone's hands to help parents help their children with mental health resources.


    Through a generous grant from the Cook Center, the following resources are fully-funded:

    · ParentGuidance.org – over 50 courses written by therapists. 24/7 on demand, private

    Curriculum is also available at no charge.




    Tips for Calming First-Day Jitters in Grade School

    Link: Understood.org


    How to help kids manage worries and have a successful start to the school year.

    Link: Child Mind Institute 

    Link: School Anxiety in Kids





    What to do, when your child says . . . 


    Understanding Anxious Feelings in Children




    A video link designed to help explain the brain and anxiety to children

    Link: Brain and Anxiety


    How Parents Can Recognize and Help a Child with Anxiety

    Link: Mind Shift 


    Anxious Stomachaches and Headaches

    Link: Child Mind 

    Link: Quick Tips


    Older Kids and Separation Anxiety: How it Happens and What to Do

    Link: Indiana University Health


    A video to help calm a child with big emotions

    Link: Child Mind Institute 


    Anxiety in Children: What is developmentally normal 

    Link: Anxious Behaviors


    Tips to Help Your Elementary Student Handle Stress

    Everyone deals with stress. These are tips to help children handle the feelings associated with it.

    Link: Child Mind Institute


    How Untreated Anxiety Can Look Like Disrespectful 

    Link: Anxiety and Disruption



    Teaching Children about Emotions

    Link: Vanderbilt University


    Grief and Loss 

    Helpful Resources for Children Dealing with Death

    Link: National Alliance for Grieving Children

    Link: Dougy Center

    Link: Child Mind

    Link: Resources for Children

    Link: Coalition to Support Grieving Students

    They also have a wonderful podcast called Grief Out Loud that offers advice on a range of topics regarding grief.



    Recommended Books for Children Coping with Loss and Trauma

    This link will take you to a listing of children's books on grief and loss. 

    Link: National Association of School Psychologists


    For Young Children Dealing with Grief 

    Games, activities and articles 

    Link: Sesame Street



    Talking to Your Child About Other Illnesses

    Link: Cancer

    Link: Suicide

    Link: Serious Illness


    Talking to Your Child About Racism and Violence

    Link: Child Mind Institute  

    Link: Hey Sigmund




    Talking to Children about Divorce

    Advice on What to Say

    Link: Child Mind Institute


    How to Support Your Child During a Divorce

    Link: Child Mind Institute



    Raising Resilient Children 



    Helping Kids Make Decisions

    Link: Child Mind Institute

    Link: Dweck Raising Smart Kids

    An article about the importance of stressing hard work over intelligence


    Link: Understood.org

    An article on the strengths kids develop when they take on challenges


    Link: Understood.org

    An article on how to build resilience in children



    Helpful Resources for All Types of Media 



    Link: Guarding Kids

    Resources offered by Dr. Russell Sabella on educating children, parents, educators, and other stakeholders about the responsible use of technology.


    Link: Common Sense Media

    Resources on responsible technology use, including family media agreements and Internet safety tips.


    Link: Net Smartz

    Videos to help explain Internet safety to children.


    Link: Books that Heal Kids

    Website summarizing children's books, sorted by topic.




    Managing Concerning Behaviors

    Podcast: Tantrums vs. Meltdowns

    Podcast: How to Talk to Your Child after a Tantrum or Meltdown


    Articles on effective parenting strategies to manage tantrums and behavioral problems


    Helping Children with Feelings of Frustration

    Link: Centervention


    Angry Kids: Dealing with Explosive Behavior

    Link: Child Mind Institute


    Is Your Child's Anger Normal?

    Link: Child Mind Institute


    Trouble with Flexible Thinking

    Link: Understood.org







    Substance Addiction and Abuse




    Link: Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation


     How to Help Siblings Get Along

    Link: Child Mind Institute

    Resource: Siblings Journal





    Helping Children Deal with Conflicts