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    Information, Articles, and Websites Related to the Job of Parenting 



    While this mama penguin makes it look easy, the job of parenting is hard work. Oftentimes, we need the advice of professionals to guide us along the way. Below are some web resources that I have found helpful. As always, please feel free to contact the counseling office for any reason throughout the school year.


    Access to Health Care for Kids

    Community Resource Guide for Adams County

    A list of community resources, including listings for child care, food pantry, financial assistance, health services, housing, etc.

    Link: Community Resources


    Pennsylvania and local government services

    Link: Local Resources





    Helping Your Child Understand the Riots at the Capitol

    Link: Child Mind



    Tips for Calming First-Day Jitters in Grade School

    From Understood.com

    Click here for tips



    Back to School Anxiety

    How to help kids manage worries and have a successful start to the school year.

    From Child Mind Institute

    Click here for tips



    What to watch out for

    School Anxiety in Kids




    Talking with You Children about the Coronavirus . . .

    and Other Helpful Resources 


    A video link designed to help explain the Coronavirus to children

    Link: Coronavirus 


    A great story by one if my favorite authors, Julia Cook

    Link: The Yucky Bug


    A message of hope and trust dealing with the Coronavirus

    Link: Hope


    A video link designed to help explain the brain and anxiety to children

    Link: Brain and Anxiety



    Helpful sites to help adults understand how to talk to children about the virus and ease anxieties:


    File: Continue to Stay Safe at Home



    Link: Child Mind Signs of Depression During the Coronavirus 



    Link: Child Mind Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus



    Link: The National Association of School Psychologists Talking to Children about COVID-19



    Link: Hey Sigmund What to Say to Help Kids Feel Calm when the World Feels Fragile



    Link: Understood When Kids are Anxious about Coronavirus: What to Do



    Link: Child Mind Anxious Stomacheaches and Headaches



    Link: Dulwich College Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19



    Link: Child Mind Support for Kids with ADHD During the Coronavirus Crisis




    How to support your child when someone is dying:


    Link: Dougy Center



    A link to 3 books related to grief and loss.

    Link: The Poet's Dog, Rabbit and the Motorbike, Birdsong

     * Parents, please read these stories BEFORE you share them with your child.




    Talking to Your Child About Racism and Violence

    How can you help children process what they’re seeing and manage their feelings? This is a great article to help when you talk with your children about racism and violence.


    Link: Racism and Violence 



    How to Talk to Children About Racism, Prejudice, and Protests – An Age-by-Age Guide

    Link: Talk to Children



    Raising Resilient Children 



    Helping Kids Make Decisions

    Link: Child Mind


    An article on stressing the importance of hard work over intelligence

    Link: Dweck Raising Smart Kids



    Books that Teach

    Website summarizing children's books, sorted by topic.

    Link: http://booksthathealkids.blogspot.com



    Keeping Kids Safe Online


    Resources offered by Dr. Russell Sabella on educating children, parents, educators

    and other stakeholders about the responsible use of technology

    Link: http://www.guardingkids.com/resources.htm



    Parent Media and Technology Education Program

    Website offering resources on responsible technology use, including family media agreements and Internet safety tips.
    Link: http://www.commonsensemedia.org/educators/parent-media-education


    Into the Cloud

    Videos to help explain Internet safety to children.

    Link: Into the Cloud



    Managing Concerning Behaviors

    Articles on effective parenting strategies to manage tantrums and behavioral problems, or learn tips on how to help your child cope with grief, divorce, and trauma.


    Helping Children with Feelings of Frustration

    Link: Feelings of Frustration



    Angry Kids: Dealing with Explosive Behavior
    Link: Explosive Behaviors


    Is Your Child's Anger Normal?

    Link: Child Mind


    Liana Lowenstein

    Link : http://www.lianalowenstein.com/articlesParent.html


    Trouble with Flexible Thinking

    Link: Problems with Flexible Thinking


    Leah Davies

    Link: http://www.kellybear.com/ParentTips.html



    Link: How to Help Children Calm Down



    Anxiety in Children: What is normal and how to handle it

    Link: Anxious Behaviors



    Tips to Help Your Elementary Student Handle Stress

    Link: Stress



    How Untreated Anxiety Can Look Like Disrespectful 

    Link: Anxiety and Disruption


    Substance Addiction and Abuse



    Link: Addiction Resources


     How to Help Siblings Get Along

    Child Mind Institute


    Link: How to Help Siblings Get Along


    Resource: Siblings Journal




    Tips to Help Children Follow Directions

    Link: Advice From Experts 




    College and Career Readiness . . . yes, even in elementary school!

    Great resources for exploring and promoting career development at the elementary level.








    Tips to Help Children Deal with Conflicts




    This is a fantastic website to help adults understand attention and learning issues in children. If you have a child with learning difficulties, check out Understanding Your Child's Challenges section. Also, a great resource for how to empower your child.

    Link: Understood.org