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    Individual Counseling


    School counseling is designed to assist students with minor emotional troubles which may be affecting their academics.  In addition, the program is set up to help students realize and achieve personal/social, academic, and career-related goals.  A proactive, preventative approach to counseling is stressed however, counseling is also provided during and after crises.  Referral sources for longer term counseling are available upon request.


    Classroom Guidance Lessons


    Classroom guidance lessons are taught to elementary school students in grades K-4.  Each child attends guidance class once every six days.  Information is presented to students in the following areas:

    • self-examination, including feelings, interests, and strengths,
    • decision-making,
    • assertiveness,
    • communication skills, 
    • social skills, 
    • character education,
    • career exploration,
    • conflict management, and
    • study skills.   

    Group Counseling


    Group counseling is available to elementary school students, only with parental permission. 


    Topics of groups include:

    anger management,

    conflict management,

    positive peer relations,

    dealing with separation and divorce,

    working though grief or loss, and

    helping handle problems with attention and distractibility. 


    Groups are limited in number and are conducted periodically throughout the year based on need.  


    Consultation and Collaboration 

    With -




    Social Services

    school counselor