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    THE REQUIREMENTS FOR DIVISION I AND DIVISION II ARE CHANGING!!  Be sure to visit the eligibilitycenter.org to understand what YOU need to do to be able to play your freshman year of college.


    What Is The NCAA?

    The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a non-profit organization comprised of over 1200 colleges and universities. The association administers 23 sports and their associated championships. It seeks to enforce the rules of the NCAA and oversees the distribution of money received from various avenues.  The NCAA strives to help make competition fair, safe and sportsmanlike as well as make sports a productive part of college life.  Member colleges and universities are governed by the rules and regulations of the NCAA in regards to recruitment, practice schedules, and academic rigor among other things.

    What is the NCAA Eligibility Center? Why is it Important?

    The NCAA Eligibility Center took over operations for the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse in November 2007. The Eligibility Center certifies the academic and amateur credentials of all students who want to play sports at an NCAA Division I or II institution as freshmen. In order to practice, play and receive an athletic scholarship, students need to meet certain academic benchmarks. An additional certification process exists to make sure the student is still an amateur, which is necessary in order for the student to compete. Academic Credentials + Amateurism Status = College Eligible

    What Courses Should You Take?

    Regardless of your athletic ability, you must be able to gain admission to the college or university where you want to play.  In order to do that, you must take college bound, academic course work throughout your high school career.  Included in this packet are the Division I and Division II worksheets to determine if you have completed the required courses and what your overall GPA is in just those courses.

    When Should You Register?

    Students must register on the web site. We recommend that they register during their junior year. The Eligibility Center will evaluate a student’s academic credentials once the following information has been received, and the student has had their status requested by an NCAA member institution:

    ü  Completed online registration

    ü  Fee payment

    ü  SAT or ACT test score on file from the respective testing agency

    ü  Transcript(s) from all schools or programs attended


    NCAA Eligibility

    How Should the Eligibility Process Work?

    Grades 9 and 10

     · Student takes academic college-preparatory courses, preferably one in each of the following areas: English, math, science, social studies and foreign language. The student should compare course selection against the list of NCAA-approved core courses.

     Grade 11

     · Student continues to take college preparatory courses in the areas listed above.

    · Student registers for the SAT and/or ACT, making sure to use code 9999 at the time of

    registration. Using code 9999 will ensure the score is reported directly to the Eligibility Center.

    · Student registers with the NCAA Eligibility Center and completes both the academic information and the amateurism questionnaire.

    · At the end of the student’s sixth semester, the guidance counselor sends the student’s

    transcript (or transcripts, if more than one high school) to the Eligibility Center.

     Grade 12

     · Student continues to take college preparatory courses in English, math, science, social

    studies and foreign language.

    · Student registers for additional ACT/SAT tests if necessary, making sure to use code 9999 at the time of registration.

    · On or after April 1 of the senior year, the student goes back into their Eligibility Center account to update their academic and amateurism information and request final amateurism certification.

    · After graduation, the guidance counselor sends the student’s final transcript (which needs to include evidence and the date that the student graduated) to the Eligibility Center.

     Fairfield Area High School Courses That Count For The NCAA






    English 9


    Algebra IA (.5)


    English 10

    American Cultures

    Algebra IB (.5)

    Biology II

    English 11

    World History

    Algebra I (1)

    Human A & P

    English 11 - Honors




    English 12


    Algebra II

    Chemistry II

    English 12 – Honors

    Econ & POD

    Trig / PreCalc

    Organic Chemistry

    AP Eng. Lit & Comp

    AP US Govt & Pol.





    AP Statistics






    French I - IV




    Spanish I - IV